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Why you should consider taking a vacation from work

It's the middle of the year- and it's the middle of summer for many. Your friends and co-workers may be ...
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The Importance of Substance Abuse Education in College

College is an amazing time in a person’s life. It’s a time to learn independence, find a career path, widen ...
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Advocating within the Community- Why All Business Should take part

Businesses throughout the world are constantly researching new ways to impress their audience. With the changing in the business environment, ...
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Budgeting Tips for Disabled Workers

In many cases, most individuals have a friend or loved one who might support themselves off of social security disability ...
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Importance of building your network

As an organization, it's extremely important to consistently build your brand. Bringing awareness for your cause, or promoting your company ...
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Birthday Party Planning for Disabled children

It's birthday time for your youngest son or daughter. Unlike your other children, your son or daughter might be disabled ...
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5 Issues Facing the LGBT Community Today

The LGBT Community is all about pride. It’s what the parades are called, what the celebrations are called, and is ...
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Top 3 Low Cost Business Necessities

Are you looking to increase your business leverage on your potential customers? Whether you are looking for new leads, customer ...
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4 Things To Avoid on a Foreign Roadway

Many of us travel on a daily and or weekly basis to our jobs, to family members homes, or to ...
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Roadway Hazards: Enough is Enough!

Glancing through some of the top headlights every night, we come across the tragic stories of accidents within our area ...
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